Gender & Health Programme

Gender & Health

The Gender & Health programme’s overall goal is to promote relevance and response to cross-cutting issues with regards to gender within the member churches and in the CCZ operational areas. The Gender programme is responsible for mainstreaming of gender and health issues among member churches, so as to raise awareness and deal with issues of gender justice and see that both the victims and perpetrators are rehabilitated.

The Gender office develops the capacity of the church to understand the effects of gender injustice and gender based violence (GBV) on society, family units and the church. The programme’s Gender component works to empower women and children in the church and in society through transformation of unequal relationships created through structures of injustice of any kind, albeit economic, political, social, cultural or religious.

The Health component of the programme is responsible for providing information, training and support to member churches to be able to mitigate the spread and impact of disease in the country. It also supports families and vulnerable children(OVCs) infected and affected individuals with good nutrition