Zambezi Schools benefit from Harvested Rain Water

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Programme Officer for Emergency and Development George Chibwana says four 10,000 litre tanks of water have been installed at two community schools in Zambezi district namely Kasesi and Chinzenzi Primary schools.

Mr Chibwana says the project was part of the proposed climate smart approaches to improve the quality of life for over 300 pupils in the target areas through provision of water for gardening and hand washing.

“The CCZ project in partnership with NCA was a continuation of the 2014 CCZ Climate Change project under Norwegian Church Aids (NCA) funding. his activity involved installation of four 10, 000 litre tanks at each of the two community schools in the target communities,” he said.

Mr Chibwana said the total volume of water for each school will be 20,000litres for the tanks that have been put next to the classrooms adding that the quantity of water stored will provide water for hand washing for 3 and a half months with usage of 1 litre/day/pupil.

He explained that to ensure quality and professional work, a plumber and a water engineer were contracted to install the gutters and the tanks. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the schools and the Council of Churches in Zambia on the use of the project items.

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