We attach importance to Teacher training – Rev Matale

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says it attaches great importance to its two teacher training colleges because they play a major role in the process of teacher education.

CCZ General Secretary Rev Suzanne Matale said the two colleges are a great source of pride to the council as it signifies in a concrete way, the great contribution that the church was making to the education sector by training teachers who will adequately meet the needs of the education sector in the country.

“CCZ is pledging its support to the two colleges management and its initiatives in the development of the colleges, its provision of academic programmes and infrastructure has been made possible by the vision and drive that the college authorities have,” Rev Matale said.

Rev Matale added that the two colleges have continued as beacons of hope in providing quality and relevant education training and meeting the excellence required in the country.

The two colleges run in partnership with in government have this year 2016 produced over 1500 graduates from Malcolm Moffat College of Education and David Livingstone College of Education.

And in congratulating the graduating students, Rev Matale said CCZ has always advocated for better educational policies to enable Zambian children receive quality and meaningful education that will equip them with skills and morally sound knowledge to meet the challenges in the future.

She commended them for their commitment to their academic journey and assured them that the quality of education received at the colleges remains unparalleled in the country.

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