St Peter’s Anglican link Parish Partnership Benefits Needy

An 11 year partnership between St Peter’s Anglican Church of Lusaka and Church of St John the evangelist of Melbourne Port , Somerset, England has improved the lives of over 100 people who have been receiving financial support for education and welfare.

The link between the two parishes has also been extended to St Philips Anglican Church of Matero Township, resulting in an increase in the number of beneficiaries of the project registered as the Zambia Aid Family Fund in the United kingdom.

Visiting St Peter’s Parish, Link Co-ordinator Mike Mortimore who was in the country to evaluate the project described the on-going partnership between the two parishes as having proved to be very helpful to the needy who have accessed funds donated by the parishioners in Bathe and Whales through the Lusaka Diocese Office in Lusaka.

Mr Mortimore explained that the visit he undertook in the company of the wife was aimed at meeting the beneficiaries and to conduct a physical check on how the funds were being distributed to the needy.

“we work with the local church to identify the needy areas which when recommended are supported through the funds raised from the link parish which are a total of US$62 000 since the project started with a vision of helping the people”, Mr Mortimore said.

He further explained that with time the project has become all encompassing thereby embracing the needy of all age groups to allow them improve lives through grants, educational finance and project financing according to their needs.

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