SEJ Advocacy Produces Positive Results - Mbiza

The Social and Economic Justice (SEJ) department of the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has described the advocacy work being implemented in Solwezi and Chingola as yielding positive results.

This is according to the results of a monitoring and evaluation exercise undertaken in the two towns by the department.

In Solwezi a Focus Groups Discussion was held with project members who explained that there have been developmental projects being carried out in the area although progress was slow.

The group stated following advocacy programmes carried out by CCZ in the area, one of the busy roads that was severely damaged has been rehabilitated while traffic lights have also been mounted on the same road. And Local Christian Council SEJ Committee Chairperson Richard Mbiza commended CCZ for the good work that the organisation is doing which has improved the living standard of people in the area.

“After visiting people threatened with displacement earlier there has been dialogue which has been opened with the mining investors and the indigenous people and the outcome looks very positive”, Mr Mbiza said.

He commended CCZ for the continued partnership with Joint Country Programme (JCP) which supports the project.

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