20th April 2021

The Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) has urged the Clergy to safeguard their role of being a voice to advance God’s agenda in society, giving checks and balances to those in authority, and not allow politicians to seal their role in the name of appeasements ‘masked’ as Church empowerment.

Speaking during the Let the People Talk Radio Programme on Radio Phoenix on Tuesday morning, CCMG Steering Committee Chairperson Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya said God has entrusted the Clergy with a critical role to play in society to benefit people, emphasizing that this role must be protected from those who may want to use their influence to inject their political missions.

Fr Chikoya who is also CCZ General Secretary said it was high time the Churches began to invest in various ventures to become financially sustainable and avoid the danger of allowing politicians to take advantage of them.

He said failure for the Church to be financially secure has led many Clergy into adjusting the messages to avoid hurting the hands that feed them. He, however, said the best way those in authority can help the Church is by exempting them from taxes while boosting economic activities.

Fr Chikoya said if people can operate in a favourable economic environment they can be able to take up various projects in their respective Churches. And when asked if the gifts and donations being given to Churches by the Government are likely to have an impact in the coming August 12 general elections, Fr Chikoya said the donations made by politicians had great potential to influence the quality of decisions people make.

He, however, said the Clergy should not distance themselves from politicians but rather treat them like everybody else, give credit where it is due, and advise where necessary.

He said the idea of covering everything in prayer has for many years done more harm than good hence the need to pray and critically analyze what was happening and hook out any evil elements.

Fr Chikoya said the Church should not be afraid to interrogate when the undesirable acts are becoming to be viewed as ‘honourable’ in society.

Fr Chikoya said people should also be able to think about other ways they can develop their lives, pointing out that Politicians cannot and will never solve all their problems.

And commenting on the Public Order Act, Fr Chikoya said the seemingly selective application of the Act was detrimental to the democratic system of the nation.

He said all political players, be it in the ruling or opposition political parties should be allowed to market their ideas to the electorate.

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