Pastoral Letter On Zambia’s 50 Years Of Independence Launched

Zambia is privileged to have had Presidents who have confessed to be Christians, the Council of Churches in Zambia has said.

This is according to a pastoral letter to Zambians to mark 50 years of Independence. The letter states that a nation’s future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders, especially if they are Christians. “Christians who are leaders in any sphere (and this includes politicians and church leaders) know that the destiny of their family, community, company or nation will flourish or falter on the basis of how they lead.” In Romans 12:8 we are told that leaders must take the responsibility seriously entrusted with gifts.

And in delivering a homily during an inter-denominational jubilee prayer service and launch of the pastoral letter, held at Kabwata Uniting Presbyterian Church, African Methodist Episcopal Conference presiding Bishop Wilfred Messiah said there is need for all Zambians to know that God has continued to be at work throughout the history of the Church.

Bishop Messiah said while God has not taken Zambia through a shortcut to reach its full potential, the transition has been necessary for the fulfillment of his word.

“Because God did not take us through the shortest route we are not yet in the promised land”..

“It is not an accident that we have had no national disasters in 50 years, and no instability.”, Bishop Messiah said.

And speaking at the same function CCZ Chairman for Theology Dr Edwin Zulu (right) reminded the political leadership that they have the responsibility to free people from strangling government regulations, high taxes, and oppressive bureaucracy and allowing them to develop to their full potential.

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