Fr Chikoya urges media to play a watchdog role in the fight against COVID-19

Council of Churches in Zambia General Secretary Fr Emmanuel Chikoya has urged the media to take up its watchdog role and help in ensuring that all donations towards the fight against COVID-19 are well accounted for.

Fr. Chikoya has also called for the speedy enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill so that Journalists have access to diverse sources of information which may currently be considered classified.

He said this during a Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Joint Country Program (JCP) sponsored phone-in Radio program dubbed 'Caring and Health Communities' on Kafue Community Radio on Wednesday morning, whose topic of discussion was "The fight against COVID-19 and the Media.

Fr. Chikoya also called for efficiency on the time it takes for one to receive COVID-19 results once they get tested, saying this would enable members of the community timely access to health services.

And A Journalist from Kafue Times, Oswald Sichone, observed that most Newsrooms lacked Reporters and Editors who were specialised in Public Health reporting, a situation which has greatly affected the dissemination of detailed information about COVID-19.

He said while there wass plenty information to be reported on the Coronavirus pandemic, most Newsrooms lacked Reporters and Editors who specialized in indepth Public Health Reporting.

And speaking during the same programme, a Kafue resident, Mwinyi Nyirenda, commended the media for the good works they have been doing in the dissemination of Information about COVID-19.

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