Embrace peace ahead of August 11-CCZ

Several people turned up for a peace march organised by the Law Association of Zambia in partnership with the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) and the

Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) ahead of the August 11, General Elections.

The well-attended march flagged off from Embassy Park to the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka was necessitated by the escalating political violence which has resulted in the loss of lives. The organizations present used the event as a platform to denounce violence and promote peace ahead of the elections.

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Board Member Bishop Peter Tanda Mulenga urged politicians to pursue peace in accordance with the bibilical teachings. Reading from the scripture 1 Peter 3 : 9 – 11, Bishop Mulenga explained that there is need for our politicians to examine their commitment and attitude towards national peace.

Bishop Mulenga explained that the church is praying that the nation builds upon the success and reputation of violent free elections which the country has held in the past.

“To have violence in this day in which we live, would be the same as denying the cause of freedom for which the founding fathers of this great nation fought and died for. The One Zambia One Nation Motto,” he said.

The church has since made an appeal to the conscious of political party leaders and request that they dig within their heart of hearts to find peace within themselves so that they themselves project the spirit of peace from within.

“Like the scripture says, tame your tongue. Violence is within the everyday language when people migrate from issue based campaigns to slander and use of hate speech and attacks on personalities,” Bishop Mulenga said.

Political party leaders are being called upon to uphold Christian values of embracing one another and embracing peace in national interest knowing that Zambia is bigger than any political party.

And Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President Linda Kasonde stressed the need for love, unity, tolerance and generosity to be embraced adding that there was no place for violence in Zambia.

Speaking at the function , Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) Deputy Secretary General Father Justin Matepa quoting from the book of Micah Chapter 6 said the prophet‘s message challenges people to an authenticated interaction, stressing the need for people to strive together and strengthen the peace of the nation.

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