Church speaks for the Poor-Rev Matale

The Church has been described as a platform for speaking on behalf of the poor and marginalize in accordance with biblical teachings.

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) General Secretary Rev Suzanne Matale assured the majority of the poor Zambians that the church will not relent in speaking for them because they deserve to be heard by the policy makers in order to address their plight.

Rev Matale explained that currently the majority of Zambians are looking for a platform where they can air out their grievances and the church will offer that platform without any political inclination or fear of intimidation.

“Political leaders are currently not offering any solution to the many Zambians who need solutions to their problems, this is evident by the allocation of resources to areas that do not uplift people’s living standards”, Rev Matale said.

She added that while poverty will always be there, the Lord he did not say that the poor should be neglected and destitute but that the church should feed the hungry and sick. “ I do not know why the politicians want to quarrel with the church when we speak up for the poor and I do not expect the political leaders to defend it “, She said.

“We do not have to become politicians to speak on the issues that affect people. Everyone including those in government are Christians and we expect that as they execute their duties they must apply principles of Christianity and speak for people in order to make a difference. They are enough Christian politicians we do not need Christians to get into politics,” Rev Matale said.

And several callers on the programme hailed Rev Matale for articulating issues affecting the poor in society adding that she is a unique woman of God ordained to influence change in this current generation using her position in church.

Rev Matale was speaking on Joy FM 106.9 FM Radio Platform Programme.

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