CCZ President pays tribute to early Missionaries

“As we celebrate the 100 years of CCZ’ existence, we seriously appreciate the role that the early missionaries played many years ago as it is because of their work that we are where we are now.” Says CCZ President Rev. Dr. Alfred Kalembo.

The CCZ President said this yesterday in his sermon at the official opening worship service that was held at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in the premises of MEF.

He reiterated that the Church is where it is today because the missionaries had a vision that is still alive today.

“Today that mission has continued as witnessed by the mission work that many churches are carrying out.” Rev. Kalambo said.

He specifically cited the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) which has its headquarters in Nigeria but has been planting churches in many other countries, including Zambia.

The CCZ President therefore encouraged member churches to look to the future with courage and determination to lift the name of Jesus because God is always present with his own. “When God is with you, diseases bow at the mention of his name, we are victorious and God will hold us, therefore our challenge is to ensure that our people know this God”.

The worship service that was attended by over a 100 delegates was characterized by jubilant singing by various choirs as well as Holy Communion that was administered towards the end of the service.

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