CCZ Donates to Female Inmates in Commemoration of Int’l Women’s Day Featured

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) on Monday morning joined the rest of the world to commemorate the 2021 International Women’s Day by donating sanitary and other COVID-19 preventive items to female inmates at Chainama and Lusaka Central Correctional facilities.

The donated items which included sanitary pads, hand sanitiser, hand washing liquid soap, Dettol bathing soap and second-hand clothes were acquired with support from TEARFUND.

And speaking after he handed over the items to the Officer in Charge at Chainama Correctional facility, CCZ General Secretary Rev. Canon Emmanuel Chikoya encouraged the women in incarceration to choose to challenge themselves not to feel hopeless and neglected, stressing that they were special people with a future.

Rev. Chikoya said God created them special human beings just like every other person and that their future was bright as long as they chose to live and see their lives from a positive point of view.

He said the fact that they were in incarceration does not mean they had no chance to become great people tomorrow. He said all human beings, especially great people, have a past which other people might not believe, including himself as Rev. Chikoya.

And speaking at Lusaka Central Correctional facility commonly known as Chimbokaila, CCZ Chaplain Rev. Canon James Phiri encouraged female inmates to use their current situation to choose to challenge themselves to become better and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Rev. Phiri encouraged the inmates to keep fighting and shared the word of God with them to remind them that they matter.

He said in-as-much-as the women were in incarceration they still mattered, calling on society not to forget about them, especially in this COVID-19 era. The team that donated at Chimbokaila was led by CCZ Head of ProgramsGeorge Chibwana while CCZ General Secretary Rev. Canon Emmanuel Chikoya led the team that donated at Chainama Correctional facility.

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