CCZ commends Chiefs' rejection of land policy

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has commended the move by traditional leaders to reject the land policy which they feel disregards their role as traditional leaders.

CCZ General Secretary Fr Emmanuel Chikoya says the proposal by Government to side-line Chiefs in the administration of land will result in more Zambians being displaced from their pieces of land in their own country.

Fr Chikoya says so far a lot of Zambians have been displaced from their pieces of land which have been given to investors whom the majority are expatriates.

He says the Church shall always support actions that are aimed at preserving human dignity, adding that the protest by traditional leaders on the land policy issue is one example which must be supported by every well-meaning Zambian.

And Fr Chikoya has opposed government’s proposal to remove some details from National Registration Cards (NRCs) as a way of eliminating tribalism in Zambia.

Fr Chikoya says tribalism cannot be eliminated by removing some details from people’s National Registration Cards.

He says tribalism can instead be eliminated by dealing with the causes which he says among them include selfishness mostly by politicians.

He says the solution of eliminating tribalism lies with political leaders themselves who must walk the talk of being against tribalism in the country.

He says Zambians from different tribes have always lived together and have been marrying across tribe over the years.

Meanwhile, the CCZ General Secretary has expressed concern over the donation of exercise books branded with the President’s portrait to the vulnerable.

Fr Chikoya says the donation of branded books is questionable as it appears to be an indirect campaign for the Head of State.

Fr Chikoya observes that the donation of books would have been appreciated more if the donated books were ordinary books and not branded with the President’s portrait.

He says not long ago during the fight against cholera, the ruling party rejected the donation of bins branded with a Party President’s portrait by an opposition political party on grounds that the fight against cholera should not be politicised.

He has wondered why the ruling party has now allowed the donation of exercise books to be politicised by branding the books with the President’s portrait.

Fr Chikoya has since advised the ruling party to allow other players who wish to also donate branded products to citizens do so without blocking them.

And the CCZ General Secretary has advised political leaders to avoid issuing conflicting statements that leave people asking for clarifications, especially on serious matters such as the fight against corruption.

In apparent reference to the use of a Bemba idiom ‘Ubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala’ by President Lungu, Fr Chikoya says political leaders must instead make clear and straight forward statements without causing anxiety among the citizens.

He says the fact that Zambians had to debate the ‘Ubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala’ issue to get the real meaning was proof that the President’s statement was ambiguous.

Fr Chikoya has stressed that the fight against corruption in Zambia calls for all political leaders to be above board in both their statements and actions.

He has advised politicians to avoid making jokes on serious issues affecting the development of the nation, adding that serious issues of national interest must be addressed using sober and straight forward statements.

Fr Chikoya says the church is concerned when politicians make jokes on issues which they are expected to be firm on, especially when the Head of State is involved.

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