CCZ Calls for Harmony between Religions and the Health Sector in the Fight against HIV/AIDS Featured

19th March 2021

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has called on Religious leaders to work together and take an active role in preventing and encouraging the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV.

Speaking on Monday morning at Mount Zion Retreat Centre in Lusaka when he opened a three days intensive training workshop for Religious leaders on Treatment Adherence and Faith Healing in the context of HIV and AIDS in Africa organized by the Council of Churches in Zambia with support from the World Council of Churches (WCC), CCZ President Rev. Sauros Phaika said Religious leaders were well placed to interact with other stakeholders to continue promoting the health and well-being of people living with HIV.

Rev. Phaika said there was, therefore, a need for religious leaders to always remember the complementary nature of faith healing and life-saving medication.

And CCZ Head of Programs George Chibwana called on Religious leaders to work in harmony with the health sector to help fight the deadly HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Mr Chibwana urged Religious leaders to be actively involved in promoting HIV testing, treatment uptake, and adherence by people living with HIV/AIDS.

And speaking in Chipata at a similar workshop being held at Eastern Comfort Lodge, CCZ General Secretary Rev. Canon Emmanuel Chikoya urged Religious leaders to be the salt of the earth by preaching life and not death.

Rev. Chikoya said Religious leaders should not be carried away by what he termed as ‘speaking under the influence of emotions’ by discouraging their congregants from taking ARV drugs.

He said at times there was a very thin line between hearing from 'God' and from themselves, adding that while it was true that 'God' heals, the clergy should also encourage their members to seek medical attention.

The CCZ General Secretary said the Church and other faiths should be on high alert not to fall into display gymnastics as their calling was for the Kingdom of God (Allah, etc.).

In line with CCZ’s commitment to creating an environment for a healthy nation, the two workshops which are being held simultaneously in Lusaka and Chipata respectively are aimed at sharing knowledge among Religious leaders on best practices of handling HIV/AIDS issues in local congregations.

The workshops have drawn leaders from different religions which include Muslims and the Bahai Faith.

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