19 Salvation Army Officers commissioned

Nineteen officer cadets of the Salvation Army Church in Zambia have been ordained, commissioned and appointed as ministers of the word with the rank of Lieutenant after graduating from a two-year training in theology and development studies from the church training centre.

This took place at a colorful two days commissioning, Ordination and Appointment ceremony of the messengers of light during which the officers took oath at a special church service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka which was followed by a celebration church service at Libala Salvation Army church on Sunday.

The Ceremony at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross characterized a somber mood as the Salvation army Territorial Commander Margret Siyamoya presided of over the ceremony where the officers were prayed for and handed with certificates after they collectively took oath.

Delivering a homily during the ceremony, Ms Siyamoya after a reading from the book of John 8:12 called on the graduates to be the light of the world who should bring people to Christ through their work as ministers of the gospel.

“The aim of a messenger is to bring many to Christ and those who are in him to be helped to remain in Christ and walk in the light of God. God’s light means liberation and I therefore urge you to make people understand him and themselves”, Ms Siyamoya said.

She prayed for the officers for God’s guidance and strength for them to speak the truth as they go out throughout the country to carry out their duties as ministers of the word representing the Salvation Army.

And Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) President Dr Rev Alfred Kalembo encouraged the commissioned officers to take up the task ahead of being ministers of the word with prayer and boldness.

A celebration service at Libala Salvation Army Church was characterized by song and dance as friends and relatives of the newly commissioned officers joined in celebrating their new achievement.

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