100 Years Of CCZ Worth Celebrating-Rev Mwale

Past Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) President Rev Lucas Mwale says 100 years of the council’s existence is worth celebrating.

Presenting a paper at the 30th CCZ General Conference in Kitwe, titled Reflecting Back on 100 years of CCZ- Historical Perspective; Rev Mwale said the 100 years journey is worth celebrating because it has been a journey of God’s providence to CCZ in promoting Unity, Service, Justice, Peace and Dignity for all.

He further stated that CCZ has been strong in the past 100 years in the promotion of Justice Peace, Development and Dignity for all.

“This has been through engaging itself as part of the inherited and perpetuated mandate in critical areas of concern such as education, youth development, climate change and environment, extractive industry, advocacy, accountable governance and provision of chaplaincy services at universities and colleges”, he said.

He however noted that despite looking back with pride at the journey of fostering Christian unity this sometimes has not been easy as the talk has been, because many are the times that the council stood divided on some issues of common interest and hence weaken its voice as a movement.

Rev Mwale said there is need therefore for member churches and affiliate organization to find a way of enhancing a common voice without necessarily removing individual identities in order to address that challenge.

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The Council of Churches in Zambia is an ecumenical umbrella organization of Christian churches that seeks to promote cooperation and fellowship between Christian churches and organizations in the nation. We therefore seek to bring together members and stakeholders for consultation and discussions in an effort to help form an enlightened Christian opinion on all issues affecting the spiritual, social and physical well being of Zambians.

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