The CCZ Emergency and Development office is responsible for the strategic positioning of the organisation to be able to respond to Emergency and Development issues in Zambia.

Responsible for establishing linkages with electronic and print media to enhance media coverage for CCZ events, responding to press queries in collaboration with the General Secretary as well as preparing Press Statement/Releases that help the CCZ proactively respond to prevailing and emerging issues in the country.

Responsible for mainstreaming Gender activities and HIV/AIDS prevention into all CCZ programming.

Responsible for encouraging ecumenical fellowship among member churches. The desk also provides ecumenical worship and counselling services at the University of Zambia and the surrounding community.

Responsible for enhancing the capacity of member churches to respond to social and economic justice issues that affect the nation, as well as establishing structures at district level through which CCZ members will respond to Social and Economic justice issues.

Responsible for coordinating member churches youth participation in national events such as Youth day or Independence celebrations.

Responsible for humanitarian responses to poverty and suffering through the provision of skills in economic empowerment and through disaster management.

About Us

The Council of Churches in Zambia is an ecumenical umbrella organization of Christian churches that seeks to promote cooperation and fellowship between Christian churches and organizations in the nation. We therefore seek to bring together members and stakeholders for consultation and discussions in an effort to help form an enlightened Christian opinion on all issues affecting the spiritual, social and physical well being of Zambians.

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