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Hundreds of Christians congregated at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) St Paul’s Congregation in Kabwata, Lusaka on 19th February, to attend the 2017 Ecumenical Unity Prayers.

The annual event brought together Christians of Kabwata, Libala and Kabwata townships from the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church, Nazarene Church, Good Shepard Catholic Church, St Peters Anglican Church, African Methodist Episcopal, (AMEC)Bethel Church, Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) Kamwala Congregation, UPCSA Kabwata Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army Libala Citadel, UPCZ  Kabwata Presbyterian Church and United Church of Zambia (UCZ).

The annual commemoration was organized by the ecumenical committee comprising of members of various churches represented at the event under the theme “Revive they work O Lord in our union with Christ”.

The opening ceremony at the prayer service was branded by a solemn procession led by two people carrying the Ecumenical Symbol of Unity followed by young children in uniforms from congregations represented with the unity banner while ecumenical members and the clergy followed.

The ecumenical symbol of unity was handed to the ecumenical committee chairperson who placed it on the altar before candles on the symbol were lite by representatives of congregations represent as a sign of unity in reviving God’s work.

The order of service contained bible readings, singing by various choirs, unity messages from among them a message from Kabwata area Member of Parliament, who is also Justice minister Given Lubinda in which he described the church as a partner in development adding that the unity shown through the unity prayer service was a symbol of oneness among Christians.

And delivering a sermon, St Paul’s UCZ Rev Vincent Kageya implored the congregants to uphold unity in their daily walk with Christ.

“Christianity is a commitment to love and unity. This tradition expressed through this gathering is similar to the tradition recorded in the book of Acts by the early church which must continue”, he said.

In her closing benediction, Rev Suzanne Matale, Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) prayed for the peace and love of Christ to abound among Christians during which congregants held hands as a symbol of unity and sang the song “Bind us Together Lord”.

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