Council of Churches in Zambia

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  1. Associate membership shall be open to any church or Christian organisation which subscribes to the mission and goals of the Council but do not qualify for full membership but in the opinion of the Council are bonafide organisations.
  2. Admission for associate membership shall be by a two-thirds majority of votes cast by delegates present at a properly constituted meeting of the General Conference.
  3. Associate members shall be entitled to receive official papers sent out to members of the Council, may attend its discussion but shall not vote or hold office.
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About Us

The Council of Churches in Zambia is an ecumenical umbrella organization of Christian churches that seeks to promote cooperation and fellowship between Christian churches and organizations in the nation. We therefore seek to bring together members and stakeholders for consultation and discussions in an effort to help form an enlightened Christian opinion on all issues affecting the spiritual, social and physical well being of Zambians.

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