26 August 2016
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26 August 2016,

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has distributed about 4300 Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) in an effort to prevent malaria under emergency and development programme.

Programme officer George Chibwana explained that the five community schools in Zambezi District of North-Western Province  have benefited from the distribution, a method identified as an innovative way to distribute the nets in large quantities.

“following our established working partnership with the Ministry of Education, CCZ is convinced that the LLIN distribution in schools will not only strengthen  the partnership but also reach a high percentage of the target set,” he said.

He added that the method of distribution values the fact that students are very well positioned to coordinate the distribution through record keeping and also information dissemination through the mass Malaria education campaign in their various communities.

The goals for the CCZ Community Malaria Education is aimed at developing a positive behaviour change that will promote and sustain individual,community and social behavioral change towards malaria prevention.

Among the schools which benefited include Kasesi,Chinzenzi,Chinyinga,Chitikoloki and Zambezi community schools.

teachers-snd-the-school-manager-chitokolokiPupils and teachers of Chitokoloki School after receiving mosquito nets

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