13 April 2016
13 April 2016,

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) is among the nine Civil Society Organisations that have received grants amounting to 1 million Euros to support environmental project across the country.

The support under the Finland funded Civil Society Environment Fund, Phase 2 is aimed at enhancing the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to implement sound environment management projects to promote sustainable and equitable development in Zambia.

The grant given to CCZ will go towards the implementation of a project called “empowering local communities to adapt” which seeks to address climate change induced vulnerabilities in Zambezi district.

About 400 households in Chinzezi and Kasesi farming communities will benefit from training in land rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction.

Speaking during the signing ceremony held in Lusaka , Ambassador of Finland Timo Olkkonen  encouraged the beneficiaries to network between and amongst themselves  and with Finland funded projects in the Environment and Natural resources sector.

“Seek synergies in implementation, share lessons learnt and innovative solutions to the current challenges,” he s aid.

He called on the beneficiaries to show changes and improvements that the work brings to the vulnerable people in the local communities.

And CCZ Head of Programmes Abraham Chikasa described the grant as an opportunity for CCZ to help the vulnerable communities affected by climate change through the implementation of the project involving land rehabilitation and sustainability which will increase food security at household level.

Other recipients of the grant include Chipembele Wildlife Education and Trust, Caritas Solwezi, Kaloko Trust, PANOS Institute of Southern Africa, Kasisi Agricultural Training College, Action Africa Help International, Publish What you Pay Coalition, Extractive Industry Transparency Alliance. IMG_0113                                                                      CCZ HOP Abraham Chikasa with Ambassodor Timo Olkkonen

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