17 March 2016
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17 March 2016,

The Salvation Army a member of the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has issued guidelines on how pastors should conduct themselves ahead of the forth-coming elections set for August 11.
Zambia Territorial Commander Colonel Margaret Siamoya explained that the guidelines are aimed at offering direction to all pastors during this period ahead of the elections.
According to the guidelines, Salvation Army pastors/officers are called upon to encourage peaceful, non-violent elections, free from personal insult ,  in an effort to seek to teach unity justice and peace.
The Salvation Army leader said that each of the churches’ representatives must remain politically neutral and non partisan and therefore officers must not wear any political regalia representing any political party.
“Officers must not campaign for any political party, not display political materials in offices and homes, and not allow any political meetings to be held in any Salvation Army building for campaigns”, she explained.
The officers have also been advised against the use of Salvation Army platforms to urge voters to vote for a particular political party, but however encourage all Zambia citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote for a candidate of their choice.
The guidelines which were revealed to the heads of churches during a meeting held have been circulated to all Salvation Army officers to offer direction as they execute their duties.
The officers are also being warned against distributing any political materials and inviting political party representatives to speak at community service meeting which can easily be turned into political meetings.The guidelines however allow officers to attend any political rallies without church uniforms during their free time.


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