15 February 2016
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15 February 2016,

The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Lusaka Presbytery Chilenje Consistory has described Rev Silishebo Silishebo as a great man of God with vast experience in various portfolios, an attribute which will help church growth.
In welcoming Rev Silishebo at the induction and reception service held at St Marks Congregation in Chilenje, the congregation through the Consistory Secretary expressed happiness at receiving Rev Silishebo adding that they were willing and ready to work with him.
The congregation stated that they are all willing to work with him and expect Rev Silishebo to help the congregation to grown from strength to strength and reminding him to pray for them to undertake their duties as a church.
“We members of this church worshiping at St Mark’s under his care acknowledge and receive Rev Silishebo Silishebo as minister of three congregations, Lilayi, Chilenje and Shantumbu embracing the word of God which he is to deliver and accepting him as one who is to watch for our souls and give an account to God. We promise to encourage him and share in his labours to maintain and strengthening him in his ministry and giving him all due honor , loyalty and support,” the congregants promised.
During the service presided over by Rev Kangwa Mabuluki, Rev Silishebo in his statement declaring his assurance of his call by God to the Holy Ministry explained that he heard his calling in the 1980’s when he inquired of the Lord what he could do while on earth.
“after many encounters with the Lord I went to train as a minister at Mindolo Theological College and have worked as such with no regrets. I therefore hope that you are not inducting me to the consistory but in your hearts so that together we can be a blessing to Chilenje congregation, he said.
Rev Silishebo who was Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Chaplain from 2010-2015 made an emotional tribute to his family his wife in particular whom he said was behind his attainment of a Masters Degree in Theology.


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