27 January 2016
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27 January 2016,

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says the infrastructural development being undertaken in North –Western province is as a result of lobbying and advocating for the mining communities by the church.
This is according to a statement issued by the church leaders soon after undertaking the Church Leaders Reality Visit to the province aimed at accessing progress being made in improving the lives of people in the mining communities.
CCZ has over the years been implementing a programme under the Social and Economic Justice (SEJ) department supported by the (Norwegian Church Aid) whose aim is to promote transparency and accountability in the management of mineral resources for poverty reduction in North Western province.
The reality visit has revealed that several challenges faced by the local communities as a result of the mining activities taking place have been addressed following the church’s intervention. Among the improvements are construction of the bridge, road rehabilitation.
The church leaders further recommended strengthening dialogue between the investors and the church to find lasting solutions to the impasse around issues of compensation for displaced people by mining companies.IMG_1883                                                                     Church leaders inspecting a newly constructed bridge

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