23 November 2015
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23 November 2015,

A Church leader in Eastern Province has bemoaned the low number of women actively serving in senior positions of leadership in churches across the province.
And CCZ Head of Programmes Abraham Chikasa says the situation can only be corrected by encouraging men to have a positive outlook of female leaders in the church as playing an important role in its growth.
United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Evangelist Rev Justine Manda of Kapata Congregation expressed concern that despite the knowledge on gender equality in church shared with the CCZ Gender Department, the church tradition has continued to discriminate women from taking up position of power.
Rev Manda who is also a member of the executive committee of the Local Christian Council (LCC) said tradition has continued to hinder women in participating in church leadership with as most congregants resisting female ministers to be in top leadership.
She noted that resistance by the church to accommodate female ministers has posed alot of challenges to the female ministers who are looked down upon as a weaker sex with very little to contribute towards church development.
“I am an example myself, when I entered into church as a female minister I faced challenges for about three years before I could settle down, but even now it is not smooth sailing”, she said.


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