18 September 2015
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18 September 2015,

Delegates at the 30th Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) held at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF) Kitwe observed a moment of silence in memory of a member of the Executive committee Joyce Mbaza.
In his report to the general conference, CCZ president Rev Dr Alfred Kalembo explained that regrettably during the year under review, the council lost a dedicated member of the executive committee.
“Mrs Mbaza was a chairperson for the two CCZ run teacher education colleges and a member of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church”, Dr Kalembo said.
After he read out an obituary that he requested the august house to stand and observe a moment of silence in memory of the late Mrs Mbaza. In breaking the silence Community of Christ Bishop Catherine Mambwe offered a prayer of thanks giving for the life of Mrs Mbaza during the time she was part of the CCZ family.

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