18 September 2015
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18 September 2015,

The church has been identified as key in speaking on issues of climate change in various communities.
Speaking in an interview at the 30th CCZ General Conference, We Have Faith Campaign Manager Deborah Ikaroot explained that the church has a better constituency hence the use of the platform to educate people on issues of climate change being very important.
“it is the churches’ responsibility to take the opportunity to speak about climate change and pass on the message of mitigation, adaptation and prevention of the effects of climate change in various communities in Africa,” She said.
Ms Ikaroot added that church leaders must get involved in issues of climate change because it has become one of the greatest challenges in Africa.
“Africa is a religious place with a large following and hence the need for religious leaders strategically positioned to reach out to many people,” She said.
She said effects of climate change have had a negative impact on communities and finding a lasting solution needs concerted efforts by all.





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