16 September 2015
16 September 2015,

Exposure visits to Mufulira’s Kankoyo area and Kalulushi district have been described as an ‘eye opener’ as delegates had an opportunity to get first hand information on the social issues that are affecting the mining communities.
Upon arrival, some delegates visited Kalulushi, an area where local people are faced with a problem of what they term as ‘contaminated water’.
Some residents visited said they have resorted to digging shallow wells because they consider it to be safer than the water that is supplied to them. Efforts to talk to the District Commissioner failed as she was reportedly out of office.
Meanwhile, delegates who visited Kankoyo in Mufulira say there is need for government to urgently relocate the residents of Kankoyo as the houses are not safe for habitation. “What we have seen in Kankoyo is really depressing and we hope the government can listen and act on this issue,” said Mrs. Noria Mwenda, a CCZ Board member.
And Bishop Tanda Mulenga said it’s unfortunate that many residents are suffering the impacts of mining adding that this calls for more advocacy on the part of the Church.

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