21 July 2015
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21 July 2015,

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 the apostle Paul tells the church to “……. encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”
The scripture teaches that as Christians we need to strengthen each other when one backslides in faith. In this scripture, the apostle Paul acknowledges the fact that Christian life is dynamic. In main cases, ones faith tends to wither due to circumstances. As such, the apostle encourages us to help each other in issues of faith.
The Church of Jesus Christ on Earth through his Special Envoy Simon Kimbangu also known as the Kimbanguist Church has taken this scripture with utmost importance as it deserves. In this vein, the church leadership from the beginning of this year has been visiting its branches which might have backslidden in the recent past. In March this year, the entire church leadership together with Social Movement leaders in the church went to Southern Province where they went to strengthen the church in Livingstone. That trip was successful as it saw old members who had left the church rejoining.
This time around, the church leadership from Lusaka was in North-Western province visiting the church in Solwezi. As per tradition in the church, the leaders were accompanied by the Kimbanguist Brass Band (KBB) which was also celebrating its anniversary, which falls on 6th June, in Solwezi.
Many were touched with Jesus Christ’s message through various presentations by men of God and the songs which were prepared by various groups. The Kimbanguist Brass Band was also there to entertain the Christians with its sweet music. (Story by Moses Nsunge)




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