3 July 2015
3 July 2015,


Masala congregation turns 80 years of existence this year.
“It’s true our congregation will this year celebrate 80 years since it was established,” Congregation Minister at Masala said this in an interview.
Rev Christopher Saizi Phiri said: “Masala congregation was established in 1935 by two white pastors whose identity still remains unknown. It was an ‘African’ congregation.”
Hot on the heels in 1936 another congregation was established, Nkana, which was considered as a congregation for the white people in Kitwe.
In 1938 Roan congregation was established in Luanshya, a copper mining town on the Copperbelt.
In the mid 1970’s  the congregation was moved  to Kabushi area to pave way for planes.  A church was later built but the congregation split which saw the birth of  Kabushi Congregation.
Those who lived in Ndeke and Masala area retained Masala Congregation which was part of Ndola congregation. Ndola congregation was spread out to Chifubu and also to Roan in Luanshya. Another section of Ndola Congregation became Ndeke Congregation.
The first African reverend at Masala was Rev Justo Mwale who died after he collapsed in the church vestry on a Sunday and was rushed to hospital where he died.
All Ndola Presbytery congregations spring from Masala. “Masala congregation has roughly seen ten resident pastors. Eighty years for Masala means 80 year for the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) on the Copperbelt,” said Rev Phiri.

IMG_0320Rev Christopher Saizi Phiri at Masala congregation

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