16 June 2015
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16 June 2015,

Over 150 delegates are expected to attend this year’s Zambia Alternative Mining Indaba (ZAMI) which will be held in Ndola, Zambia form 23rd to 26th June, 2015.
The annual event which brings together mining stakeholders, civil society organisations and the three church mother bodies (CCZ, EFZ and ZEC) is a forum for stakeholders to effectively deliberate on real experiences of mining communities through community testimonies and how best the government, mining and CSO can respond to them.
This year’s event will draw participants from within Zambia, Southern and Central African regions who will add value by offering a comparative analysis of extractive industries in their respective countries.
The expected conference outcomes include increased awareness and knowledge of mining/extractive activities in Zambia and other regions and possible benefits accruing to the citizenry, recommendations and guidelines on the improvement of resource management are submitted to government (all relevant ministries, department and agencies), the president, parliament, and World Bank, Published conference proceeding consisting of presented papers as well as recommendations to the government of Zambia on how to manage the extractive sector for the benefit of the Zambians.
Other outcomes are enhanced and increased understanding of how to effectively organize mining communities to demand for their rights and contribute to enhanced accountability and transparency and a CSO Action plan- capacity development needs for CSOs.


CCZ HOP Abraham Chikasa at 2014 ZAMI

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