12 June 2015
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12 June 2015,

Jubilee Centre has secured K317,000 to help pay for over 800 vulnerable children in various government schools.
Jubilee Centre Executive Director Pastor Lawrence Temfwe said that government schools face many challenges such as lack of basic things like chalk.
“Vulnerable children and orphans are most affected when schools lack basic school supplies. They come to school without eating and when they come to school they suffer humiliation and shame because even schools cannot give them hope for a better future”
He said it is Jubilee Centre’s hope that through these fees teachers can be able to provide school supplies, be motivated and inspired to teach our children with tenacity.
The funds have been sourced from Willow Creek Church from Chicago in the USA.
Pastor Lawrence Temfwe added that “Churches work very closely with Community Welfare Association Committee to ensure that deserving children are identified for sponsorship.”
He explained that many of these children come from homes that have several children that out of school but unfortunately Jubilee Centre help only one child per household.

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