29 May 2015
29 May 2015,

Government says it recognises and appreciates what the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has been doing over the years in raising citizen awareness and helping government deliver on its pro-poor agenda.
Luapula Province Minister, Brigadier General Benson Kapaya said this during the launch of a report on the review of the 2013 mineral resources development policy by CCZ in Mansa. Brig Gen Kapaya said government values such events as it emphasises government’s openness and willingness to positive criticism.
“Truth is, it is almost impossible for government to develop, implement, and effectively monitor its own policies in an objective and impartial manner, hence the critical role institutions like CCZ plays,” he said.
He said government knows that the role of the Church goes beyond baptism, marrying off people or burying the dead, but rather, the Church plays a critical role in promoting accountability and fostering harmonious relationships and co-existence.
Brig Gen Kapaya explained that in the area of Manganese mining in Luapula, government can confidently affirm that CCZ has been that objective, moral voice that has brought to our attention the many ills in this mining subsector.
“Government agree with CCZ that we are yet to set the needed environment that would ensure that the small scale mining sub sector flourishes. Through timely studies like the CCZ is availing today, government will be alerted to some of the short comings within the system so that we can improve,” he said.
The occasion to share the findings of the study which the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) carried out to evaluate the extent to which one of government’s policies was being implemented.
And speaking at the same function CCZ Head of programmes Abraham Chikasa said the church recognises the support and corporation rendered by the government in delivering on its mandate to the Zambian citizens.



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