14 April 2015
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14 April 2015,

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has described the late Rev Violet Sampa Bredt as a matriarch at best who leaves behind footprints which will not be erased in the history of Zambia for many years to come.
Addressing mourning during a church service for the late Rev Bredt held at Lusaka’s St Paul’s United Church in Zambia (UCZ) Kabwata Congregation on 10th April,2015, CCZ General Secretary Rev Suzanne Matale said during her tour of duty as CCZ General Secretary Rev Bredt’s leadership extended beyond the borders of Zambia to the sub-region, regionally and internationally adding that she popularized the ecumenical spirit of the church wherever she went.
And a UCZ Representative who read out the tribute and life history of the late Rev Bredt on behalf of UCZ General Secretary Rev Peggy Kabonde said UCZ would like to register sincere gratitude for the contributions Rev Bredt made not only to the UCZ but at ecumenical level as well.
During the funeral service attended among notable people who included First Lady Ester Lungu, politicians, church leaders, family members among them the husband to the late Rev Bredt and children gave moving tributes.

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