4 February 2015
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4 February 2015,

The Council of Churches (CCZ) has recommended for an end to torture to the Zambian parliament.

The recommendation was made during an appearance by CCZ Head of Programmes Abraham Chikasa before the parliamentary committee on legal affairs, governance, human rights, gender matters and child affairs.

Presenting a study case to the committee, Mr Chikasa called on government to take serious inquest and interventions to improve the human rights situation in Zambia by ending all forms of torture.

Mr Chikasa explained that despite the Zambian constitution prohibiting torture and other degrading treatment, police have continued to use excessive force including torture when interrogating and detaining suspects to extract confessions.

“This scenario creates a gloomy state in the record of our country’s human rights,” he said.

He added that the church is willing to complement and support any government efforts that are focused on preventing human rights abuses and violations as long as it is within its mandate.

Mr Chikasa called on government to support the human rights commission both financially and in terms of human resource to increase its presence and expand its operations to all parts of the country adding that the action will go a long way in contributing to the observance and respect of human rights.

He explained that it is the dream of the church to see a Zambia whose citizens will enjoy their rights and entitlements without hindrances.

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