1 February 2015
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1 February 2015,

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) President Dr Rev Alfred Kalembo has called on all Zambians to embrace one another in the spirit of brotherly and sisterly love.

Dr Kalembo explained that the emergency of the talk of tribalism in the country must be nabbed in the bud before it gets out of control.

“At independence our fore-parents dreamt of a Zambian people who would stand and sing proud and free from shame,” he said.

He added that our fore-fathers dreamt of a land where people would work in joy and unity, all one proud and free hence the  need to stop the talk of tribalism in our country.

“All religious, political and civic leaders should promote peace and unity which should be guarded jealously. We should celebrate our diversity of tribe and ethnic differences with pride. Zambia is a unique country gifted with diversity of all things; land, wealth and language. Instead we should pride ourselves in the joy of our different gifts and variety in all its forms, “ Dr Kalembo said.

And Dr Kalembo said the church remains expectant and hopeful that the President and his government will prioritise the constitution making process to bring it to a final conclusion adding that as a body of Christ, the church will not relent in demanding for a people driven constitution as demanded by the people over a very long time.

He urge government to speed up the constitution making process by providing a concrete time frame and a legal framework on how it intends to facilitate the process of enacting a new constitution before 2016 elections.

“It is also expected that the government will mobilise enough resources for the purpose.  Where there is a will, surely there must also be a way.  The lessons learnt over the past three months must have spoken loud and clear that our current constitution is outdated and needs to change in order to enhance and promote good governance and subsequently improve our electoral system.  Going to the next elections using the current constitution will be very retrogressive”, he said.

He said this in a press statement issued at the heads of churches meeting in Lusaka on 17th February,2015.

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