2 January 2015
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2 January 2015,

The high levels of unemployment in Mkushi’s Masansa area has become a source of concern to the church which has since come up with a plan to establish a skills training centre at a local Masansa Anglican Church.

Local Christian Council Chairperson Father Friday Malaya  expressed concern at the development adding that if a lasting solution is not found a lot of youths in the area will not be productive enough to contribute to the development of the district.

Fr Malaya who is also priest-in-charge at  Mansansa Anglican Church explained that many youths have resorted to drug and alcohol abuse because they do not have anything productive to engage in.

He said after accessing the situation, the Anglican Church has decided to make available space to put up a skills training centre which will offer the youths training in life skills such as carpentry, bricklaying and tailoring.

“We believe that once we empower the youths in life skills they can contribute to the development of the district which is expanding rapidly following the influx of white farmers,” he said.

Fr Malaya disclosed that the demand for skilled labour in Mkushi was on the increase because of the developments such as construction, and farming which he however expressed sadness that the locals do not participate in as they do not have the required skills for work.

He added that may farmers have resorted to employing youths from far flang places such as Mpika and Serenje where they are picked to work as skilled labourers.

Fr Friday Malaya addressing youths in Mkushi at Masansa Anglican Church

Fr Friday Malaya addressing youths in Mkushi at Masansa Anglican Church

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