18 December 2014
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18 December 2014,

Zambia has been honored to be visited by an anointed, devoted and highly respected man of God, Redeemed Christian Church of God general overseer Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye from Nigeria. The man of God, who arrived in Lusaka, Zambia on November 20th, received a thunderous welcome from the members of the church. While in Zambia Pastor Adeboye held a power packed City Wide crusade under the theme “Jesus” at the Sunset Stadium in Lusaka, which was attended by people from all walks of life who converged to listen to the anointed man of God. Earlier, upon arrival in Lusaka, Pastor Adeboye addressed a press briefing at the Intercontinental Hotel where he prayed for peace to prevail in Zambian during this transition period adding that only God can guarantee peace in an environment such as this which is characterized by tension. Pastor Adeboye added that while democracy was a wonderful form of governance it was unfortunate that it usually leaves out God.

During his visit, Pastor Adeboye who was in the company of his wife Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye ministered at various meetings which included an Interdenominational Ministers Conference, a Miracle Service held at Bread of Life Church and an ordination and anointing service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Light House Arena and a dinner for eminent personalities. Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye ministered at a special event called the Feast of Esther on the 20th and 21st November, 2014. Pastor Adebayo has pastored the RCCG which is a global organization founded in 1952 for 33 years. The church is one of the largest growing evangelical churches with over 32,000 parishes spread across 181 nations worldwide. Born in 1942, Pastor Adeboye was appointed in 1981 as general overseer, upon which he terminated his all academic ambitions and looked forward to grow the body of Christ. He came up with innovations in the ministry where the elite in society and professionals where challenged to worship God in the spirit of truth without compromise.

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