18 December 2014
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18 December 2014,

Gender balance is set to redefine the church as it moves towards achieving gender equality to allow for inclusive participation.

The decision by the Anglican Church to appoint women bishops and the installation of the first Zambian women by the Salvation Army as Territorial Commander Colonel Margret Siamoya  in the 90years of the churches existence in Zambia  is an indication that the church has embraced gender diversity in leadership.

The emergency of women church leaders has been embraced in the church with a belief that time has come for women to take up greater roles and responsibilities in the work of God.

It can also be described as a sign that the church has come to realize the great potential that women have in supporting the running of the church affairs because they have the same capacity as the men who have always been in leadership.

Over time women in church have exhibited resilience, patience and hard work and have looked forward to a time like now when they are able share the platform with their male counterparts.

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) President Reverend Dr Alfred Kalembo during the installation ceremony of Salvation Army Territorial Commander described the transformation as a progressive historic move in the church.

Rev Dr Kalembo said CCZ takes the lead in uniting women of all denominations from member churches to work together and support efforts to recognize the right of women to be ordained in religious bodies as shown by the Salvation Army.

And speaking at the same function Salvation Army Commissioner William Cochrane an international Secretary to the Chief of Staff described the installation the first woman territorial commander as a gift from God.

“a leader needs people who fear God, those who will speak about Jesus,” he said.

He described the installation of the territorial commander as an expression of confidence by the members of the church and urged them to support and love their new leader.


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