14 November 2014
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14 November 2014,

PRESIDENT Michael Sata had a unique charming language which every ordinary citizen understood, says the Council of Churches in Zambia.

“When everything is said and done, I think what you cannot take away from president Michael Sata is his big vision that he shared with the people of Zambia. He also had a unique charming language that was understood by all of us; grassroots, everybody all the way up,” CCZ general secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale said an interview yesterday. “We have been concerned about the lack of space for him to implement his big vision.


Rev. S. Matale

What I can recall in my reflection is that because of his big vision, he was very irritated sometimes with the bureaucracies.” Rev Matale said president Sata always wanted things done there and then. “He could have done everything and done all those things now. But now he is gone. What we look forward to now is some serious leadership from those that have remained, especially the ruling party.

The worst is over in them (PF) trying to find their feet again because I know how confusing it could be at a time like this when your leader is no longer there. They needed to find their feet and hopefully they have,” Rev Matale said. She said there was need for the PF to concentrate on providing solid, clear, rational and objective leadership henceforth. She said there was need to keep Zambia together in honour of the fallen hero of the nation. Rev Matale said Zambia did not need a leadership that was going to concentrate on narrow, personal, and selfish interests.

“We now need a leadership that will be open to looking beyond themselves and look at the bigger picture of Zambians. We are looking for someone to continue with the vision of lifting the poor out of their doldrums right now. We cannot afford to have a leadership that is quarrelling, name-calling each other…we don’t need that.

I think we are beyond that. If people can start to tear each other apart a few days after the president is gone, then you know that there is a problem,” said Rev Matale.


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